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Digital media project (Lusaka, Dublin)


CEDOVIP (Kampala)


Citi guiding the way forward (Dublin)

  CLiC (Dublin)


eTown project (Portarlington)

  FirmGreenRio (Rio de Janeiro)
  Flexenergy Burbank Landfill (Burbank, case study)   Flexenergy John Muir (Walnut creek, case study)
  Blight Status (New Orleans)   eLearning centre (Dublin)
  Future Melbourne (Melbourne)  

Villa Suramericana (Medellin)

  Open Financial Data (Worldwide)   GOAL (Freetown)
  IIED (Africa and Asia)   Aponjon (Bangladesh)
  The rediscovery centre (Dublin)   Ballymun Job Centre (Dublin)
  ILAHP (Delhi)   Loc8 (Limerick)
  London Assembly (London)   Project ECHO (Albuquerque)
  Re-food (Lisbon)   Promise it to rehab recycle (Ireland)
  Solar Light in Kolkata (Kolkata)   Techsoup (San Francisco)

Solar Powered Irrigation Systems (Benin)


NCAD Future creators (Dublin)

  Steel Innovation for Low cost Housing (Romania)  





WACAP Forum and Expo


To submit a Global Story, please download a form here.

If you have any questions or queries with regard to the Global Stories, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Global Stories


The Dublin 2013 Forum and Expo of the World Alliance of Cities Against Poverty will examine the role of technology in alleviating the symptoms of urban poverty in cities across the world.  In addition to keynote speakers and panel discussions, the Forum will showcase a number of Global Stories highlighting the theme, Making Cities Smart, Safe and Sustainable.  The Global Stories will form an integral part of the Forum and Expo and will be available to view on the website at www.dublin2013.org.  The Forum invites submissions from city administrations, private sector technology companies both large and small, NGOs and anti-poverty groups as well as universities, colleges and researchers in cities across the world. 


What should a Global story demonstrate?


A WACAP Forum and Expo Global Story should demonstrate any project, programme, partnership, product or policy, which highlights the role of technology in addressing urban poverty or in making cities safer, smarter or more sustainable.  Are you working to bridge the digital divide or to make your city a safer place for all to enjoy and access? 


Can your organization highlight an effective model for collaboration between cities and technology companies, NGOs or Universities which contributes to poverty alleviation or to social or environmental sustainability?  Are you working on smart city technology which raises the quality of life in your city?  Perhaps your organization has harnessed technological advances to improve the delivery of education or healthcare?


Your Global Story might highlight work in any area of urban development from transport to food security, from to education to energy, from open data initiatives to water safety.


Global Stories, via the website and at the Forum, should inspire other cities, communities, companies and organizations to further explore your Global Story as a means of creating their own.


Who should submit a Global Story?


We welcome Global Stories from cities, technology companies, NGOs, Universities and research centres.  Global Stories will be published on the website of the Dublin WACAP Forum at www.dublin2013.org.  A number of the submissions will be invited to present their Global Story at the Forum on 20 – 21 February 2013.  In this context please give careful consideration when submitting your Global Story to the following:


What makes your Global Story interesting to delegates at this Forum, including City Mayors and decision makers, technology leaders, anti-poverty and development NGOs, academics and researchers?  Please think about what delegates to the Forum and visitors to the website might learn from your presentation.  Will it give City Mayors inspiration to start something similar in their cities?  Will it give NGOs ideas on how to rise to similar challenges in the way they work or the programmes they run?  Will it give technology companies the information they need to suggest or pledge technological solutions to urban poverty and challenges including how to make cities smart, safe and sustainable?  Will it highlight technological innovations and services for Mayors and NGOs who are facing challenges in their cities and work?


How would you present your Global Story and what resources would you need to illustrate it.  In order to make presentations as interesting and informative as possible, submissions should give thought to the use of images, videos and interactive methods to engage and include the audience.


How to submit a global story


To submit a Global Story you should download a form here.


Completed submissions can be e-mailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Please remember to include your contact details so that a member of the organising team can contact you directly before publishing your Global Story to the website.

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