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Making Cities Smart, Safe and Sustainable
What can technology do for you?


The City of Dublin is proud to host the 8th Forum of the World Alliance of Cities Against Poverty on 20 and 21 February 2013 at the historic venue of the RDS in Ballsbridge, one of the many villages that make up our beautiful and diverse city region.


The Forum and Expo will be held over two days with a third day of field trips, site visits and tours facilitated for delegates to further enhance the contacts and exchange of ideas set in motion by the Forum and Expo.





In 2011, the UN estimated that half the world’s population was living in urban areas, with this projected to increase to 70 percent by 2050. In light of these figures it is more important than ever to make cities Smart, Safe and Sustainable for the populations who call them home.


Traditionally, Dublin and Ireland have taken a practical approach in their overseas aid and development programmes. Furthermore, as a major destination for international and homegrown businesses in the technology sector and with research centres in the fields of bio-pharma, clean tech and ICT, Dublin is well-positioned to host a conference examining the role of technology in alleviating symptoms of poverty in cities of both the global South and North. Alongside the Forum there will be an Expo to provide technology companies – both large and small, city administrations, Universities and NGOs the opportunity to showcase products and projects which highlight the use of technology in their cities, towns, organizations and communities.


The Forum and Expo will deliver an exciting programme of international speakers addressing the use of technology in responding to urban challenges and exploring ways to make cities safer for inhabitants and visitors alike. It will allow for strong participation from delegates, lively debate sessions and will feature real case studies where technology has played a role in addressing the needs of people living in poverty. A key feature of the event is the matching of real challenges to real solutions. This exchange mechanism will begin in advance of the Forum via a dedicated website where urban decision makers and NGOs will have the opportunity to outline specific needs or challenges to the technology experts and other cities who will respond with advice, suggestions and pledges of resources. These exchanges will be showcased as part of the Forum and the mechanism will continue beyond February 2013.


The Forum and Expo - Making Cities Smart, Safe and Sustainable - will marry practical experience to blue sky thinking. It will provide an opportunity for NGOs and grassroots organizations, cities and technology experts to work together to develop smart solutions to the impact of poverty on individuals, families and communities and cities.

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